About us


Gem Clinic was formed to purvey the best anti-aging medical aesthetics and wellness spa treatments with evidence based products for high performance results. Not only the best treatments in the world, but that experience can be brought home with a curated range of professional products that make you live well, look good and feel great. We strive to provide blissful experience and establish a personal connection with each and every one of our clients guided by our 5S Principles.


Gem Clinic’s founding doctors, Dr Lenzo Ling is highly regarded specialists within the fields. Gem Clinic offers the very best in modern day laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening and body contouring, injectables and fillers along with other procedures and services like laser hair removal, sclerotherapy, crafted IV infusions, photodynamic therapy, mesotherapy and surgical procedures. With so many advances in the field of skin care, we can now prevent and manage the effects of age more effectively than ever before. At Gem Clinc, we use professional medical aesthetic grade skin care products which founded by our doctors, MediGlow to design the most cutting-edge facial and body beauty treatments. Unlike other clinics that promote skin care products and treatments based on current popularity, we offer comprehensive beauty treatment programs designed to fit and effectively address each patient’s individual needs.


Gem Clinic to be the ultimate choice in innovative and synergistic beauty and medical aesthetic solutions which are of high quality, reliable and honest.

The vision statement encompasses GC’s brand scope via association through

  1. Product : Holistic and solution-oriented product lines
  2. Service : Professional and caring
  3. Technology : Avant-garde and safe equipments


The key Brand Mission of Gem Clinic brand is:

Gem Clinic is committed to be the ultimate choice in innovative and synergistic beauty and medical aesthetic solutions by utilizing only high quality products, reliable technology and honest business practices.