Dr Felicia Soong

A doctor with a sense of passion for the wellbeing of others, Dr. Felicia Soong
graduated with a Medical degree from the University of Manchester in 2005. After
graduating, she continued her medical internship in England at the Stafford Hospital for
a year, and returned to Malaysia to complete her internship in Hospital Batu Pahat. By
2008, Dr Felicia Soong was successfully registered with the Malaysia Medical Council
(MMC) to be a certified medical practitioner.

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018 Dr. Felicia Soong (seated, right) and Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2018 Cindy Ng (seated, left) with the other winners of the pageant.

Dr. Felicia Soong Suet Wan is crowned Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018.

Moving away from the traditional path that most practitioners in her field take, Dr
Felicia ventured into the Pharmaceutical industry by joining one of its leading
organisations in Malaysia as a Medical Manager/ Regional Aesthetics Medical Expert.
She had discovered her fond interest in aesthetic products and procedures which led to
her becoming a Regional Trainer for SCULPTRA (Injectable Poly-L-Lactic Acid) during
her tenure there. Throughout the years, she then diversified into a more business driven
career to gain other knowledge and skills.

In 2012, her interest in aesthetic procedures had grown over the years as she
decided to focus her career by delving into this specific field. She landed a position as
Regional Senior Manager in medical affairs, specialising in Facial Aesthetics in an
international pharmaceutical company, Allergan. Dr. Felicia has successfully become a
regional Speaker for JUVEDERM fillers and a regional trainer for JUVEDERM fillers.



Being a determined individual, she has respectfully worked her way up to climb
the ladder to be where she is today. She has successfully engaged herself in the
medical field by becoming a Medical Director for 4 years in one of KL’s renowned clinic,
attending various engagements with the public and was even selected to be a faculty
speaker for The Asian College of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine from 2013 and is
still an active faculty member of the college until today.

Committed to providing patients with safe and reliable techniques, today Dr
Felicia Soong is a consultant aesthetic physician for GEM clinic. Her expertise includes
Dermafillers, Neurotoxin, Minimally Invasive Suspension Threads, PDO Threads,
Platelet Rich Plasma, Mesotherapy and Laser treatment.

Her warmth and approachability are frequently praised by patients, who
appreciate the thorough consultations offered by Dr Felicia. On a personal level, Dr
Felicia’s dedicates her time helping those in need of medical missions worldwide as she
believes in making a difference to the society, whether big or small.

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