Dr Ling Ing Heong (Lenzo)

Board Certified A.M.(USA),
MSc GM (UK).

Beauty and wellness has always been a long time passion of Dr Lenzo Ling’s ever since he was a medical student. Dr Ling earned his medical degree in 2004 from the National University of Ireland where he then proceeded to pursue a one and a half year internship course and a two and a half year tenure at the Plastic Surgery Department of Ipoh General Hospital to gather more experience.

Dr Ling’s passion prompted him to further his training in cosmetic medicine and surgery. He was Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in the United States and later obtained his Fellowship at the Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery.

In addition to this, Dr Ling is the first Malaysian doctor who completed 2 years of training in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine under the Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery.

As a leader in cosmetic surgery and medicine, Dr ling often speaks as an international guest speaker and trainer at various cosmetic surgery and medicine conferences and events. According to Dr Ling, many beauty physicians have the technical knowledge that the field requires however, only a handful of them can combine such skill with a true sense of art and innovation.

The field of cosmetic medicine and surgery is unique and far off from conventional medical and plastic surgery which treat patients who need critical medical attention. Hence, Dr Ling believes that approach is key when consulting patients who may have reservations on the safety and efficacy of cosmetic medicine and surgery.

He has a simple surgical philosophy: To achieve the most natural and subtle yet effective results is through minimally invasive procedures or the 5 S’; Safe, simple, subtle, selective and satisfaction.

As an entrepreneur, Dr Ling realises that the strength of an organisation lies on the shoulders of its leaders. In his pursuit to further strengthen his position as a leading cosmetic surgeon and entrepreneur, Dr Ling pursue a Master’s of Science in Global Management study from the UK. This has allowed him to be a visionary leader and helping him inspire his team to strategically and effectively face challenges the industry posses.

In a nutshell, how does Dr Ling keep himself motivated to be a team leader?

“I am responsible for my calling and gifts to develop more corporate socially responsible leaders who are selfless, truth-centred, highly valued and purposeful so they can achieve their destiny.”


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