Dr Samuel Wong

Dr Samuel Wong graduated from the University of Malaya (UM) in 2005. He completed his compulsory service in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Selayang, subsequently picking up an interest in Dermatology. He is privileged to have worked under some of the best Dermatologists in the country.

He later fell in love with aesthetics and hence began his journey to fully equip himself with the latest in Aesthetics Medicine. Knowing that Dermatology and Aesthetics is inseparable, he first obtained the Malaysian Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology. He went on to receive his Fellowship Training in Cutaneous Surgery and Laser from the prestigious Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok.

From there, he continued to pursue and finally earned the coveted Fellowship in Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Samuel Wong also owes his skills and knowledge to the countless hands-on training in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery by his fellow colleagues in Bangkok, Taiwan and Philippines.

Dr Samuel Wong currently specializes in non-surgical aesthetic medicine as well as minimally – invasive cosmetic procedures. His motto is to carefully tailor treatments to specifically meet the needs and expectations of each unique individual. By adhering to that belief, clients can always expect results that are subtle, natural and pleasing.

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