Keloids Removal

Keloids are a type of injury scar that is made up of excessive collagen and fibrous scar tissue to cover a previous wound. Keloids form a smooth bulge or growth on the skin that is shiny and swollen in some cases.

Keloids usually exhibit a red to purple colouration and may grow beyond the area of the original wound. Keloids may persist over a long period of time and is difficult to eliminate naturally. Depending on individuals, keloids may remainthe same size or it may grow bigger over a period of time.

Keloids are also known to be a trait that can be passed down genetically and affect particular body areas at a much higher incidence than others such as ears, shoulders, chest or chin. Keloids can also cause itching, pain and if left untreated, can result in infected skin ulcers.

Treatment for keloids can effectively flatten them, reduce pain and itching.

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Keloid Injection

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