Permanent Hair Removal

Hair is natural structure on our skin. It grows on our head mostly and many other areas of the body such as the hands, legs, body, armpits and the pubes. For some people, hair follicles are a lot thicker and grows at a much larger spread compared to others.

In some cases, many find hair unsightly and constantly need of grooming. Some people choose to shave but regular shaving can cause painful in-grown hair sores and skin irritation. Waxing is also another option but it is an uncomfortable process, causes skin irritation and some people are allergic to the materials used in the procedure.

One alternative is to receive aesthetic treatment to permanently remove hair at a desired region. This will significantly reduce the need to shave or wax unwanted hair on a regular basis.


How Can It Be Treated?

Medical Pulsed Light Hair Removal

12, March, 2017admin

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2 thoughts on “Permanent Hair Removal

  • Landon Hoo

    27, July,2018 4 months ago

    Hello Gem Clinic,

    I would like to know. Do you serve men for permanent hair removal service? If you do, how much is the cost for this treatment?

  • bennett

    04, July,2018 5 months ago

    Hello ,

    Just wondering , does Gem Clinic provide treatments (such as permanent hair removal , skin lightening/whitening and other treatments) for the whole body? Including the face , whole legs , neck and so on?

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