Spider Vein/Fine Veins Removal

Due to its appearance looking like those of spider webs, spider veins are superficial blood vessels that have been dilated and appear across parts of the body such as the legs, face and arms.

Spider veins are a trait that can be passed down genetically and becomes more prominent as you get older. Other factors for spider vein include obesity, use of birth control pills and extended period of standing.

These webs of red and blue veins are similar to varicose veins are caused by an increased pressure in the veins but are smaller in size and are closer to the skin surface. This condition is most prevalent among women compared to men with almost 60% of adults in the world who face this aesthetic issue.

Although spider veins do not pose any medical problems, it does come off as aesthetically unpleasant and with effective procedures, spider vein incidences can be significantly reduced.


How Can It Be Treated?

Skin Resurfacing Laser

12, March, 2017admin

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