Medical Pulsed Light Acne Treatment

The medical pulsed light acne treatment utilises a high-energy light that targets acne and clogged pores without harming your skin. A specific wavelength will be chosen to target deep skin layers damaged by acne and acne scarring. Superficial skin layer and delicate pores are not harmed during the treatment and even larger body areas such as the back, arms, legs and shoulders can be treated to leave you skin acne and acne scar free.

A cooling solution will be sprayed on your skin so as to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. As the target is set, a gentle beam of light is emitted.

The long-pulse light will pass through your skin without damaging the superficial skin, and will be absorbed by the target deep skin layer. Light energy will be converted to heat which helps to increase collagen production, clear clogged pores and promote healing of the skin.


There is no down time for this treatment and thus you can go back to your daily routine after the treatment. For optimum results, multiple sessions done once a month are recommended but this may vary among individuals.