Facial Sculpting/Contouring

Ageing changes our skin dramatically. Our skin will begin to lose elasticity due to reduction in collagen and hyaluronic acid and thus resulting in loose, saggy skin. Other than looking droopy and fatigues, you may noticed that your cheekbones also become a lot more prominent and bony.

With effective aesthetic therapy, you can make your face appear a lot younger through sculpting and contouring techniques, you can aid in restoring face structure for a more youthful look. These treatment will also make your face look a lot more oval- or V-shaped which is an aesthetic that is popular among many Asians.

Post-procedure, your skin will feel renewed with a smother, elastic and firmer appearance.

Before & After Photos


How Can It Be Treated?

6SENZ Full Face Sculpting

Getting your desired face is always a challenge, especially when you skin is constantly exposed to external factors, free radicals and pollution as well internal factors, like ageing and diet. Full face sculpting is sometimes needed to address this problem, leaving you with satisfying results. Sometimes not one treatment is suitable to solve a face […]

Botulinum Toxin

The Bo Tn or Btx is a common aesthetic treatment that has been made available for many years. The treatment is minimally invasive and there is no need for any surgery. When administered in safe doses, patients can see significant difference with little or no side effects The botulinum toxin is injected into target areas […]

Chin Augmentation

The chin a significant part of the face. Not only does it act as the lower part of the front jaw, it also serves as a safeguard when we are chewing food. Although many of us are born with tiny chins, they gain in size and differ in shape as we grow older and reach […]

Dermal Fillers

The VYCROSSTM technology by Juvéderm® uses naturally occurring hylaluronic acid (HA) paired with a unique, patented technology to produce a much youthful look naturally and for a longer time frame. Although HA exists naturally in liquid form, the VYCROSSTM technology increases the lifespan of HA in skin tissue by forming a firm gel-like structure that […]

Jaw Contouring

The jaw is one of the many most noticeable features on the face. Often we find that the beauty standards for a perfect jaw are those that have prominent and strong V-like shapes. For many, this is not possible due to varying jaw shapes, skin type, fat deposit and facial muscle variation as well. Jaw […]

Lips Augmentation

Having fuller and rounder lips is the beauty standard around the world especially among many famous celebrities. Some people are born with fuller and rounder lips, while some are not. This varying factor may affect just one or both lips as well. Aging is also associated with thinning and volume loss of the lips. Using […]

Non-Surgical Thread Lift

Using a revolutionary less-invasive technique, thread-like structures known as polidioxanone or PDO are inserted into treatment area to produce a face-lift effect. Before the procedure, an anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the target area to reduce pain and discomfort. The time taken for the procedure is about 30 to 40 minutes as the thread […]

Nose Augmentation

The nose is one of the most prominent features on the face. In fact, studies have shown that the first thing people see in person after their eyes and their smile is their nose. The shape of the nose itself generally dictates the shape of the face and a significant beauty standard for many. Hence […]