6SENZ Full Face Sculpting

Getting your desired face is always a challenge, especially when you skin is constantly exposed to external factors, free radicals and pollution as well internal factors, like ageing and diet. Full face sculpting is sometimes needed to address this problem, leaving you with satisfying results.

Sometimes not one treatment is suitable to solve a face sculpting regime. Hence a combination of several types of treatment such as fillers, btx and lifts may be required. This would also need to include comprehensive medical attention yet with a high sense of beauty to ensure that the effective results are seen while the safety of the client is not compromised.

GEM Clinic’s 6SENZ Full Face Sculpting is a solution for you if you are looking a reliable option to meet your face sculpting need that requires a high sense of beauty. Do come over and seek a consultation with out doctors on how we can help you achieve your dream look.