Non-Surgical Thread Lift

Using a revolutionary less-invasive technique, thread-like structures known as polidioxanone or PDO are inserted into treatment area to produce a face-lift effect.

Before the procedure, an anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the target area to reduce pain and discomfort. The time taken for the procedure is about 30 to 40 minutes as the thread are inserted into the target area. Patients may experience a small, prickly sensation.

Different thread lengths and thickness are used for specific areas on the face. Shorter threads are used to fix fine lines along soft skin areas like the eye are while long threads are used for areas like the neck and jawline.

Non-surgical thread lift is an alternative to Btx especially for regions like the forehead.

This is a result of collagen production due to the stimulation of net like structures that will form between several threads.

As a result of this treatment, your skin will look more youthful and your complexion will improve. After the treatment, your skin will look firmer due to the increase in collagen production.


There is minimal downtime and most patients can go back to their daily routine after their procedure. Patients may experience minor bruising or swelling after the procedure and some stiffness at the treatment area.