Medical Pulsed Light Depigmentation Therapy

This therapy uses high energy light to treat skin blemishes caused by pigmentation such as spots, sun spots and freckles. This light therapy is unique in the sense that at a specific wavelength, it bypasses the superficial skin to reach and destroy the hyperpigmented spots in the deeper layers of the skin.

A cooling solution will be sprayed on your skin so as to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. As the target is set, a gentle beam of light is emitted.

All you will feel is just a mild rubber band snap-like sensation on the skin. The superficial skin remains unharmed.


Post treatment:

Skin may become pink for a few days after treatment. The treated hyperpigmented spots will appear darker, crust and fall off after a few days.

In order to maintain the results, avoid excessive sunlight after treatment to prevent the pigmented spots from resurfacing. Discuss with our doctors on how you can prolong the effects of the treatment through lifestyle modifications and how to protect your skin from the adverse effects of the sun.