Daler Yusuf

Im usually would not pay much attention to my skin and hair. But oh boy I was wrong😅. After my back to back shooting in Terengganu,i started to experience a really bad pigmentations surrounding my eyes area and also severe hair fall. Hence i started to look for proper treatment since nak jadi aktor mestilah kena jaga diri kan😝. Thank god i found @gemclinic . Their service is top notch and coudnt be happier with the result. I started to see much improvement on my dull skin and my pigmentation has gotten better. My hair has become healthier and my hair fall has become lesser. They are currently doing a face analysis with a very high tech machine that can help you see through skin deeply. With the machine, you can see things that eyes can’t see light hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and other skin conditions. So guys if you are having issues with your skin and hair or you just want to get an opinion on it please check them out at @gemclinic .
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26, July, 2018admin

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